About Me

Hello, there writer! I’m Jacque, a book development editor with a passion for fiction and fitness. My goal is to help authors create powerful stories through development editing and story coaching without compromising their unique vision, so they can publish with confidence.

I live in a small town in Arizona with my husband, son, and one little mutt of a dog. Oh, and I can’t forget the ever rotating school of fish my son promises to take care of.

I’ve always enjoyed working with story in one form or another. Although my life’s passions and goals have changed through the years, storytelling has remained a constant. My journey started young, when we would go to the library on the weekends. I never could pick just one book, and after every trip, I had a list of books I wanted to pick up next time. Of course, that list changed with each visit.

From those young days, I went on to earn a degree in Electronic Media. What’s that you ask? No, it’s has nothing to do with computers, but everything to do with storytelling through the screen and (sometimes) the radio. My minor is in Theatre. I spent a lot of time living in someone else’s story world.

After my son was born, my husband and I decided that being a stay at home mom would be best for our family. Well, now that our son is older and a bit independent (just a tiny bit, don’t rush it!), I’ve found that I needed to be immersed in stories again. That, possibly combined with the dread of working for someone else, brought me to use my story-making skills to the printed page.

Knowing all that probably isn’t all that exciting, but what is exciting is that aha! moment a writer gets when their story comes together. When they realize what they’ve done will create an emotional experience for the reader. And that’s why I do what I do.

So, on this site, you’ll find resources such as blogs I follow and books I’ve read that I’ve found useful. You’ll also find articles I’ve written based on common issues I see in stories. I’m open to suggestions, so some articles answer questions that writers have asked. (Check out my Group Classes!) I’m adding new content regularly, so don’t forget to check back often. Hopefully, all of it will help you find your aha! moment.

Look over my services page to see what I can do for your story. If you’re still unsure, contact me and we can figure it out together. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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