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I live in a small town in Arizona with my husband, son, and one little mutt of a dog. Oh, and I can’t forget the ever rotating school of fish my son promises to take care of.

jacque hamilton

Your story ideas need a voice. I’m here to help your voice be loud and clear on the page so that you can feel confident in publishing your page-turning book.
I want your readers to fall in love with your characters, stay up all night crying, and rave about you to all their friends!

Maybe you’ve tried working on the details, wondering why things still aren’t coming together. Or you’ve invested hours upon hours in writing groups only to be told “tighten it up” and still have no idea what they mean (they probably don’t know what they mean, either!), only to be more confused as to why what you’re doing isn’t working. I was right there with ya. Just like you probably did, I pored over each new piece of content I found online, signed up for email lists, and downloaded all the worksheets about writing and storytelling that I could. I lived in overwhelm for years before realizing that the information I gathered showed me what to do, just not how to do it.

I was learning something, but not whether a story was working or how to fix it if it wasn’t. So I took classes through professional editor organizations to teach me the how. My number one passion is to help YOU create a powerful story that sticks with readers long after the cover is closed. And I’m excited to share my real-world experience. Over the years, I’ve helped authors gain the confidence to finish their work and keep writing. Together, we transformed their stories into powerful page-turning books-to-be that readers connect with. Several clients have gone on to successfully self-publish, and they’ve been able to sell their work through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. Because of that, they continue putting their voices out there.

When I’m not struggling to find time to write, probably a lot like you do, I’m barrelling way too fast down mountainous terrain on two wheels. Don’t worry. I always wear a helmet. You can find some of my adventures on www.searchingforsingletrack.com where I post blogs and videos periodically. The most exciting part of working with writers is that aha! moment when their story comes together, when they realize what they’ve done will create an emotional experience for the reader. And that’s why I do what I do. So, on this site, you’ll find resources such as blogs I follow and books I’ve read that I’ve found useful. You’ll also find articles I’ve written based on common issues I see in stories. I’m open to suggestions, so some articles answer questions that writers have asked. (Check out my Blog!) I’m adding new content semi-regularly, so don’t forget to check back often. Hopefully, all of it will help you find your aha! moment.

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