Leslie Baker, Author

Leslie Baker, Author

Leslie Baker is one of the most opinionated, thoughtful and intelligent old ladies writing today and she loves a spirited discussion.

Having lived most of her life in flyover country, Leslie is a little prickly at the way ‘her’ people are ignored by the mainstream media. She also has strong opinions on MeToo, Hospice care, Gender Neutrality and damned near anything else you can name!

Born and raised in Arizona, Leslie lived a couple of years in Northern Alberta, Canada and about twenty-five years on either the Central Coast of California (where she raised her son) or in a tiny town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She and her husband now live in the Arizona mountain community where she summered as a child.

For most of her working years, Leslie was involved in the real estate and construction industries. She was among the first single women in the property management field; co-owned a construction and engineering firm; held a California Real Estate Broker’s license and most enjoyed her years ‘fixing and flipping’ residential properties.

For over twenty-five years, Leslie has been an intermittent volunteer with Hospice organizations in the communities where she’s lived. She currently has a column that runs in the local newspaper.

Leslie’s debut book is available now! You’ll find a no-holds-barred look at aging and dying along with some kick-ass commentary on gender neutrality and MeToo. Click on the image to purchase from Amazon.

You can reach Leslie by email at lbakerrei@gmail.com.

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