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Embark on your writing journey with my comprehensive guide designed specifically for first-time or second chance authors. This free workbook, crafted by myself, provides you with essential tools to shape your initial manuscript into a polished draft. I tell you exactly how to get from A to Z. Discover practical activities and expert advice to help you navigate common writing pitfalls and enhance your storytelling skills.

  • IOverwhelmed with bad advice?
  • IHaving sentence-level issues?
  • IExceeded the abilities of other writers?
  • IFeeling held back?


Maybe you’ve tried working on the details, wondering why things still aren’t coming together. Or you’ve invested hours upon hours in writing groups only to be told “tighten it up” and still have no idea what they mean (they probably don’t know what they mean, either!), only to be more confused as to why what you’re doing isn’t working. I was right there with ya. Just like you probably did, I pored over each new piece of content I found online, signed up for email lists, and downloaded all the worksheets about writing and storytelling that I could. I lived in overwhelm for years before realizing that the information I gathered showed me what to do, just not how to do it.

Workbook Features

Manuscript Refinement Guide

Detailed guidance on refining your manuscript for clarity, structure, and impact, ensuring your first draft is as polished as possible.

Error Identification Activities

Interactive activities designed to help you spot and correct common writing errors, enhancing the overall quality of your work.

Step-by-Step Writing Stages

Breaks down the writing process into manageable stages, helping you maintain focus and momentum from start to finish.

Personalized Writing Tips

Tailored advice that aligns with your writing style and genre, helping you to enhance your narrative and engage your readers.
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